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Facial Rejuvenation Massage!

Improve your complexion, reduce crows feet, double eyelids, double chin, UV damage, and improve elasticity of your face in this revolutionary treatment program!

This session incorporates:

This is a 50-minute session gives your face a natural "lift".  Your session begins with an ionized water peel to gently cleanse your pores of oil and dirt and remove dead skin cells. Next, a special cupping technique relieves binding under the skin that creates wrinkles. These frees the skin for movement and removal of waste products. The final two steps involve ion, light, and gold therapy over a thin layer of essential oils to assist in the process of repairing skin damage and reducing sagging.  

**A minimum of 6 weekly sessions is recommended for best results.**

Add a double biomat upgrade to your experience for an even better full-body healing session!

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